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1750 AD - 1914 AD 1914 AD - present algeria arabs argentina armenians austria-hungary balkanization balkans catholic chad christian christianity christopher rose colonialism coptic cyprus decolonization druze egypt europe france franco-algerian war Games Germany great britain greece greek greek cypriot hashemite india iraq islam israel italy jewish joan neuberger jordan lebanon libya mecca Middle East morocco muslim niger North Africa / SW Asia NWH8.3A NWH8.3B NWH9.1C orthodox ottoman empire ottomans palestine mandate palestinian territories Podcast rommel russia saudi arabia shi'i suez canal sunni sykes-picot agreement syria TE Lawrence treaty of lausanne tunisia turk Turkey turkish cypriot TWG13.A TWG14.A TWG14.C TWH10.C TWH13.E united states World History by Region World History by Time Period world war i world war II

Episode 24: European Imperialism in the Middle East (part 2)

Host: Joan Neuberger, Professor, Division of Historical past, and editor, Not Even PreviousVisitor: Christopher Rose, Outreach Director, Middle for Middle...

500 BC - 600 AD 600 AD - 1450 AD ahmad al-jallad arabic arabs archaeology christianity christopher rose Games inscription islam language linguistics North Africa / SW Asia Podcast World History by Region World History by Time Period writing yazid ibn mu'awiya

Episode 107: The Yazid Inscription

Host: Christopher Rose, Division of Historical pastVisitor: Ahmad al-Jallad, Sofia Chair of Arabic Research, The Ohio State College Like digging by means of...

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