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1450 AD - 1750 AD 500 BC - 600 AD 600 AD - 1450 AD 8000 BC - 500 BC abbasid africa Asia buddhism China christianity Christopher Columbus christopher rose commerce discovery East Asia economics exploration Games greece hinduism ibn battuta india indian ocean islam judaism mogadishu monsoon mughal empire North Africa / SW Asia ottoman empire periplus of the erythraean sea persian gulf Podcast red sea South Asia Sub-Saharan Africa susan douglass tang dynasty trade winds World History by Region World History by Time Period

Episode 47: Indian Ocean Trade from its Origins to the Eve of Imperialism

Host: Christopher Rose, Outreach Director, Middle for Center Japanese ResearchVisitor: Susan Douglass, doctoral candidate, George Mason College Each American...

500 BC - 600 AD Art art history el salvador Games guatemala honduras joan neuberger julia guernsey Latin America maya mesoamerica mexico Pre-Columbian (before 1492) religion statuary US History by Time Period World History by Region

Episode 64: Monumental Sculpture of Preclassic Mesoamerica

Host: Joan Neuberger, Professor, Division of Historical pastVisitor: Julia Guernsey, Professor, Division of Artwork and Artwork Historical past The Preclassic...

500 BC - 600 AD 600 AD - 1450 AD alexandria arabic bible christopher rose Eastern Europe egypt Games hebrew jews judaism leonard greenspoon North Africa / SW Asia Podcast semitic tanakh torah translation Western Europe World History by Region World History by Time Period

Episode 67: How Jews Translate the Bible and Why

Host: Christopher Rose, Middle for Center Japanese Research, UT-AustinVisitor: Leonard Greenspoon, Professor of Close to Japanese Civilizations and Klutznick...

500 BC - 600 AD ahmad al-jallad alphabet arabia arabic aramaic Babylon christopher rose Games inscriptions language Neponitus North Africa / SW Asia Podcast prehistory saudi arabia Sheba syria World History by Region World History by Time Period writing yemen

Episode 82: What Writing Can Tell Us About the Arabs before Islam

Host: Christopher Rose, Division of Historical past, UT-AustinVisitor: Ahmad al-Jallad, College of Leiden In most world historical past survey programs, Arabia...

500 BC - 600 AD 600 AD - 1450 AD ahmad al-jallad arabic arabs archaeology christianity christopher rose Games inscription islam language linguistics North Africa / SW Asia Podcast World History by Region World History by Time Period writing yazid ibn mu'awiya

Episode 107: The Yazid Inscription

Host: Christopher Rose, Division of Historical pastVisitor: Ahmad al-Jallad, Sofia Chair of Arabic Research, The Ohio State College Like digging by means of...

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